Department of Computer Science

CSLab Regulations

All CS students and registered users must follow the CSLab regulations when using the CSLab's facilities.

CSLab's facilities are reserved for CS staff, students and authorized users only. CSLab staff may request users to show their identity card at any time to verify that they are authorized users. Those who fail or refuse to show their IDs will be asked to leave the lab IMMEDIATELY. Should you find any suspicious non-authorized persons in CSLab, please report to the lab staff.

CSLab is subject to CCTV camera surveillance for security purposes. Users' request for reviewing the CCTV video records will not be served.

The CSLab and CS departmental network is solely provided for teaching, learning and research related activities. Networking services are subject to access control and monitoring. NOT all web sites and Internet services are accessible from the CSLab network. Should you fail to access any web sites or networking services which are related to your learning or research activities, please report to the lab staff.

It may be necessary for the lab staff to access your CSLab accounts without prior notice to investigate suspicious activities. Since it might not be possible for the lab staff to distinguish a regular learning and/or researching activity from a potential abuse, you may be asked to explain your work done to the lab staff.

All CSLab users MUST study the following regulation carefully.

  1. Users must not disclose their computer account password to any other person, or allow account access by any trusting methods under any circumstances.
  2. Users must not access any information or computing resources to which the access right is not granted.
  3. Users should never attempt to intrude the computer systems or access other users' computer accounts.
  4. Users must not damage any computing facilities.
  5. Users must not change the configuration of the workstations or the PCs without prior approval from the lab staff.
  6. Users must behave themselves in the lab.
  7. Users must not copy proprietary software.
  8. Users must return any materials borrowed from the lab on time.
  9. Equipment borrowed from CSLab shall not be taken out of CityU campus unless prior approval has been obtained from the head of department
  10. Users must not turn off any computers without permission. If there are problems with the computers, please report to the lab staff.
  11. Eating, drinking (except plain water) or smoking is strictly prohibited in the lab.
  12. Users must not play games or music in the lab.
  13. Users should keep quiet in the laboratory area.
  14. Users should not bring valuable belongings into the lab. CSLab will not be responsible for the lose or damages of users' personal belongings. Should you find any belongings left by other users, please report to the lab staff.
  15. Users are not allowed to sit on the computer benches in the lab.
  16. Users should report any problems in the CSLab to the lab staff.
  17. Users should keep the lab tidy and clean.
  18. Users should not leave any computers, books or equipment unattended.
  19. Users should always logout after using the computers.
  20. Users should always keep the exit paths clear.
  21. Use of peer to peer download tools such as BT, eDonkey, Xunlei, QQ Xuanfeng is strictly prohibited on CS department netowrk.
  22. Users should also follow central ICT Regulations
  23. Users should not download copyright-protected materials from the Internet without permission from the copyright owner.
  24. Users should follow university's Policy on Intellectural Property