Department of Computer Science

CSLab Campus-wide Remote Desktop Service

Students taking at least one CS course can now access CS specific software applications by connecting to CSLab Remote Desktop Service from any PCs/Mac on CityU Campus Network. Owing to software license restriction, students should not connect to this service from any machines outside CityU campus.

To connect to CSLab Remote Desktop Service, please open the Internet Explorer browser, type the link

Logon with your CITYUMD\EID account


Then click the “CSLab” icon. You’ll be connected to a CSLab server which contains the set of software applications same as the one in CSLab MMW2410 terminal room.

For any other browsers or on MacOS, a .rdp file will be downloaded when clicking the “CSLab” icon, please double-click the .rdp file to invoke the Remote Desktop Client on your PC or Mac.