Department of Computer Science

CSLab Computer Accounts

Computer accounts will be assigned to CS staff and CS students automatically. Other users' accounts will be created upon request and endorsed by CS teaching staff. CSLab computer accounts are solely provided for teaching, research and learning purposes. With CSLab computer accounts, users can access network and system resources provided by the CS department and work on projects and exercises assigned by course instructors.

Account Life time

  • Staff accounts will remain active during their service in the CS department
  • Accounts of CS students will be closed upon graduation from the CS department
  • Accounts for other students taking CS course will be closed by the end of each semester

Account Policy

  • CSLab computer accounts can only be used by the account owner. Sharing of computer accounts to any other persons is strictly prohibited
  • An account owner should protect his/her account password properly and change account password regularly
  • An account owner is responsible for all contents being stored in his/her account.
  • CSLab computer accounts are also governed by CityU central policy "Policy on Use of IT Services and Facilities", account owners should also follow the guidelines outlined in the central policy.