Department of Computer Science

Unix Survival Kit

Typical problems solving under Unix:

Kill a process

  1. Identify the Process ID (PID) of your process,
    ps -ef | grep
  2. Kill the process,
    kill -9

Machine hang

If your machine do not respond to any keyboard or mouse entry,

  1. Login another machine
  2. SSH to the hang machine
  3. Identify the Process ID (PID) of your processes,
    ps -ef | grep
  4. Kill the process,
    kill -9
  5. If not succeed, call system administrator for help.

Well organize your work files under Unix enviornment

Some rules to organize your work files

  1. Users are strictly required to save their work files under their home directory
  2. No user is allowed to write any files onto /tmp, this directory is reversed for system files swapping
  3. All files under /tmp will be removed without prior acknowledgement<
  4. For those who need a larger swapping area, they can save their work files on /public temporarily
  5. All files have not been accessed for 14 days under /public will be removed prior acknowledgement