Department of Computer Science

Unix Startup Guide

Unix OS

The gateway server is currently running Solaris 10 SPARC. It is the ONLY Unix server you can connect from the Internet. If you need to access other course-oriented servers, please connect to it first.

For Unix/Linux machines, connect to the server directly using native SSH client


For Windows machines, install one of the following SSH clients

Change Password

Please refer to CityU Change Active Directory (AD) User Account Password to change your password.


Public domain software

Most shareware are available in "/usr/local/bin". You can enter this directory and find out the applications you need.


Issue the command exit to logout.

Confiuration Files

There are several hidden files (dot files) in your home directory which control you working environment. You can edit these files to customize for your own preference.

~/.cshrc - C Shell resources file

Useful Unix Command

Some frequently used commands under Unix are:

File and directory manipulation
ls list contents of directory
cd change current working directory
mv move or rename files / directories
cp copy files / directories
rm remove / delete files / directories
cat type files
more text file page browser
vi screen-oriented display editor
Help and reference manual pages viewers
man manual pages
cc C compiler
gcc GNU project C and C++ compiler
Communication programs
ssh communicates with another host using SSH protocol
(e.g. ssh
ftp interactive file transfer program
Process Control
ps display the status of current processes
kill send a signal to a process, or terminate a process